Electrolux T4300LE 13.6kg - Tumble Dryer, Heat Pump


Electrolux tumble dryers combine the latest technology with good quality in components and materials, fully featured and well supported, value for money options where finances may not be of primary concern.

Each Electrolux commercial and industrial tumble dryer  is designed to use the most advanced technology in energy saving systems. User-friendly and intuitive programme selection makes the Electrolux range of commercial and industrial tumble dryers suitable for all types of laundry operation.

The Electrolux T4300LE is a 13.6kg capacity, heat pump, tumble dryer, designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain.

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  • efficient drum
  • reversing action
  • stainless steel drum
  • microprocessor controls


  • electric heat
  • extended warranty available
  • coin-op, or manual

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    2. cost effective rental
    3. lease

    Note: Laundry 365 supply, install, service, maintain and repair commercial and industrial laundry equipment.

    Electrolux T4300LE 13.6kg  - Tumble Dryer,  Heat Pump


    Drum Volume (Litres): 300
    Heating Options: Heat Pump
    Reversing Action: Standard
    Stainless Steel Drum: Optional
    Microprocessor Controls: Standard
    Size (mm) HxWxD: 1663x790x11284
    Net Weight (kg): 270

    Repairs - Service Contracts - Spare Parts

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    Repairs - Service Contracts - Spare Parts

    Ozone Disinfection For Laundries

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    Ozone Disinfection For Laundries

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    Equipment Rental Best Price Guaranteed

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    • brand new equipment supplied
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    Affordable Ozone Technology...

    • eradicate the threat of cross contamination
    • proven against MRSA, e-Coli, Norovirus etc.
    • disinfect at temperature below 30 degrees celsius
    • remove odours including urine, faeces etc.
    • dramatically reduce operating costs
    • the ultimate in affordable Ozone technology

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