Brongo L5200 - 520kg Washing Machine, Industrial, Open Pocket

Brongo L5200 - 520kg Washing Machine, Industrial, Open PocketOverview


Brongo produces laundry machines for washing and dyeing garments and for linen washing. In recent years Brongo has innovated its machines to be able to recycle materials such as rubber, Teflon chips, polystyrene, synthetic fibres and wipers. Brongo's first priority is to customers and Brongo have studied and developed solutions customized to customer needs and have also experimented with machinery for alternative sectors, like tanning procedures.

Brongo produce a range of industrial washing machines with an open pocket drum, designed to operate at a low spin speed.  The Brongo L5200 is a 520kg Industrial, Open Pocket, washing machine, easy to use and simple to maintain.

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  • Robust and easy to use washing machines for industrial laundry operations
  • All parts in direct contact with the bath are made in stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Front frame completely in stainless steel
  • Inner drum manufactured in Aisi 316thickness 6 mm and holes Ø 7mm
  • Large drum diameters for a strong mechanical action on garments with beaters designed to facilitate good movement of garments
  • Sampling porthole, which allows sampling even with liquor inside the machine
  • Water inlet controlled by litre counter
  • Direct steam heating
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Motor inverter controlled
  • Variable washing speed from 2 to 50 rpm
  • Low spinning speed up to 125 rpm
  • Transmission by chain
  • Forward tilting for easier garments unloading
  • Control panel for operator use and user-defined programming up to 90 working programs of 70 steps each)
  • Electrical panel containing all power and electrical components
  • Automatic restart from same step in case of electrical interruption (and electrical power restoration)


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Drum Capacity (Litres) 5200
Spin Speed (rpm) 125
Size HxWxD (mm) 2500x2650x3300
Weight (kg) 6800

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Repairs - Service Contracts - Spare Parts

Ozone Disinfection For Laundries

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Ozone Disinfection For Laundries

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Equipment Rental Best Price Guaranteed

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