Create Your Own Individual Wash Programs To Suit Your Requirements Save On Utility Costs

Most leading brands of commercial and industrial laundry equipment can be reprogrammed either by front panel controls or more effectively via PC-hosted application software with either RS232 or USB connections to modern commercial and industrial laundry equipment. 

It is possible to link some commercial and industrial laundry equipment to a local area network for local (and remote) equipment monitoring and programming. Commercial and Industrial washing machines can be linked to temperature monitoring applications, usually via additional temperature sensors (for example Comark) to provide temperature validation in support of  CFPP 01-04 recommendations.

Laundry 365 can create and distribute more efficient wash programmes with cycles designed to complement both auto-dosing systems and Ozone laundry systems that deliver significant cost savings especially when hygiene is a priority.

Reprogramming older equipment can effectively act as an operational update without the need for the acquisition of new equipment, however not all laundry equipment can be reprogrammed successfully, contact Laundry365 for advice.

Laundry 365 can offer effective programming and/or reprogramming for the following commercial & industrial laundry, equipment, infection control system and ware washing equipment:

Note: Laundry 365 can advise on how best to validate or reprogramme some popular makes and models including Alliance, Amazon, Cissell, Domus, Danube, Electrolux, Hirbau, GMP, Huebsch, Ipso, JLA, Loadstar, Miele, Maytag, Primus, Primer, Rotondi, Schulthess, SpeedQueen, Twinstar, Unimac, Whirlpool.

Extract and adaptation from EPR Industrial News Date: Oct 22nd 2013

Laundry 365 have invested in bringing cost-effective benefits to existing commercial and industrial laundry operations by reprogramming equipment for improved performance. 

One of the more recent work projects undertaken by Laundry 365 has been trying and most often succeeding in bringing older machines up to date by reprogramming them for new and more efficient laundry operation. Most modern day machines have a computing capability that allows them to be programmed to a user-defined requirement. The programming system(s) can be difficult to understand, at times. but Laundry 365 has the experience and expertise to ensure that older machines are more able to deal with the complexity of modern day commercial and industrial laundry requirements.

The ability to specify washer or dryer programmes to suit an operational need, for example: to include an Ozone Disinfection-infused rinse cycle or reduce the operating temperature, allows a flexibility to ensure that operational cost reductions can be achieved and green credentials preserved.

Laundry 365 can assist in the reprogramming of leading brands of commercial laundry equipment, although not all equipment can be easily reprogrammed.  Contact Laundry 365 for advice.