...when cash flow is important, and the need is pressing...

When a large capital outlay is not immediately possible and the need for commercial and industrial laundry equipment is urgent, then low-cost lease/hire agreements may be viable

  • Commercial and industrial laundry equipment purchase, extended warranty and installation can all be included in one low monthly payment (Lease/Hire agreements are subject to status and conditions) spread over 3 or 5 years.
  • All leasing payments are 100% tax allowable and every payment that is made could qualify to reduce a business corporation tax bill. 
  • Lease/Hire options can be available for organisations in diverse business sectors.
  • Leasing enables the purchase of commercial or industrial laundry equipment when it is required need it but allows an organisation to retain valuable cash.
  • There is often no need for security as in most cases the commercial or industrial laundry equipment being leased is the only security generally needed.
  • Lease/Hire payments are fixed for the entire duration of the agreement and only alter with changes in the VAT rate. 

Note: Laundry 365 work with approved leasing agents who are sometimes able to offer better rates than Laundry 365 are allowed to advertise.

Laundry 365 can supply the following commercial and industrial laundry equipment, warewashers and infection control systems:

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