Washing Machines

A range of quality washing machines from Electrolux, Fagor, Girbau, IPSO, LG, Primus, Speed Queen & Tolon. Choose from High-Spin, Medium-Spin & Normal-Spin with sizes ranging from 5.5kg to 133kg. For best price, rental and leasing contact Laundry365 today.
Commercial washing machines

Laundry Equipment Rental

The easy affordable way to get new modern efficient laundry equipment. Our all inclusive affordable rental contracts are available from 3 – 8 years. Equipment supplied is brand new delivery and installation is included and all breakdowns covered, you will never receive a repair bill ever… All this for one permanently fixed low cost monthly fee.
Rental Laundry Equipment

Barrier Washers

A range of quality barrier washers from Electrolux, Fagor & Primus. Capacities available from 13kg up to 180kg. The only solution for keeping soiled and clean linen completely separate vastly reducing any chance of cross infection in the laundry. For best price, rental and leasing contact Laundry365 today.
Barrier Washers

Ozone Laundry System (OLS)

At last an ozone laundry system that everyone can afford. Installing an iZoneO3® system can dramatically reduce electric and water use by up to 30% detergent by 10% and drying by up to another 10%. Eradicate the threat of cross contamination and kill 99.99% of bacteria such as E.Coli, MRSA, C.diff, Parvovirus, Norovirus and other harmful bacterial infections.
Ozone Laundry System (OLS)

Tumble Dryers

A range of quality tumble dryers from Electrolux, Fagor, Girbau, IPSO, Primus, Speed Queen & Tolon. Choose Gas, Electric, Steam or Heat Pump with sizes ranging from 5.5kg to 110kg. For best price, rental and leasing contact Laundry365 today
Commercial Tumble Dryers

Rotary & Flatwork Ironers

A range of quality rotary & flatwork drying Ironers from Electrolux, Fagor, Girbau, GMP, Primus & Tolon. Choose Gas, Electric or Steam heating and a host of options including automatic feeding, folding and stacking. Sizes range from 1-meter to 3.3-meters. For best price, rental and leasing contact Laundry365 today.
Rotary & Flatwork Ironers

Finishing Equipment

A range of quality commercial ironing equipment from Electrolux, Silc & Stirmatic. Our range includes ironing tables, spotting tables, form finishers, shirt finishers, trouser toppers, rotor cabinets and presses all suitable for laundry, dry and wet cleaning operations. For best price, rental and leasing contact Laundry365 today.
Commercial Ironing Equipment

Repairs - Service Contracts - Spare Parts

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Repairs - Service Contracts - Spare Parts

Ozone Disinfection For Laundries

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Ozone Disinfection For Laundries

Equipment Rental Best Price Guaranteed

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Equipment Rental Best Price Guaranteed

Commercial Laundry Equipment Supplier - Rent, Lease or Buy Laundry365

Laundry365® - Affordable Peace of Mind 365 Days a Year

Laundry365® UK Commercial Laundry Equipment Supplier, Bedpan Washer, Detergent, Commercial Dishwasher and Ozone Laundry System specialist. Our success is built on unequalled customer focus, extremely competitive pricing and our ability to supply award-winning high-quality Commercial Laundry Equipment quickly throughout England, Scotland and Wales. All this is backed up with a dedicated service network and experienced after sales support staff.

Whether you are looking to Rent, Lease or Purchase finding the right Commercial Laundry Equipment is not a simple task. With so much choice, so many options and manufacturers marketing literature it can daunting and confusing. Laundry365® help guide you every step of the way to avoid committing to Commercial Laundry Equipment that may not be entirely suitable for your needs.

The UK has a vast choice of Commercial Laundry Equipment Suppliers and manufacturers of which some only have one interest, theirs. We believe that talking to Laundry365® will be a refreshing change. Friendly, honest, unbiased advice, no pushy sales people or call centres and utterly transparent pricing this is what sets Laundry365® apart. We always offer 'best-for-you' solutions whether Renting, Leasing or Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment.

Contact Laundry365® today for a free no obligation Commercial Laundry Equipment quotation call: 0800 0699 365.

Laundry365® product range includes:

Laundry365® provide low-cost and best-value for all organisations looking for Coin Operated Laundry Equipment, Commercial Washing Machines, Commercial Tumble Dryers, Commercial Ironing Machines, Bedpan Washers, Detergents, Commercial Dishwashers & Ozone Laundry Systems from leading manufacturers including:


Equipment Rental No Hidden Costs...

  • brand new equipment supplied
  • no capital outlay
  • fixed low cost monthly payments
  • upgrade without penalty
  • priority service 365 days a year
  • no repair bills ever...

Dishwasher365 ? Yes we do them too...

  • Rent, lease or buy
  • Medical spec available
  • Under-counter, pass-through rack & flight systems
  • Glass, pot & utensil washers available
  • With or without water softner
  • WRAS approved

Bedpan Washers & Sluice Room Equipment...

  • Rent, lease or buy
  • Choose from 4 models
  • Full range of pots, pans & bottles
  • Stainless steel construction
  • WRAS approved
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