When it comes to purchasing new equipment the choice and options available may seem overwhelming, especially when there is an urgent need.

Looking to Procure New Equipment

With the wide range of laundry, warewashing and ozone disinfection equipment currently available in todays marketplace, selecting the right equipment for any specific task can be problematic if the right advice is not available.

Laundry 365 have witnessed incidences where customers:

  • have previously been  been sold equipment from 'old stock' that wasn't entirely fit for purpose
  • were promised brand new equipment that turned out to be refurbished/used
  • have been previously charged 'over the odds' for equipment
  • have used an equipment provider only to supply and have been consequently left without equipment support
  • have been sold equipment with insufficient capacity or too much capacity for the task at hand

If you have experienced one or all of the above situations then it is time to call Laundry 365.

Laundry 365 - for Affordable Peace of Mind™

With such a wide choice of equipment available today, it becomes ever more important to ensure that any equipment is suitable for a specific purpose, Laundry 365 will investigate specific situations in order to identify the 'best-for-you' option. 

With the best products available at the most competitive of prices Laundry 365 are more than just an equipment supplier.  Laundry 365  can offer full pre-sales services and complete after sales support backed by comprehensive warranties. Laundry 365 can work with you to identify the best-for-you solutions for all operational needs.

Laundry 365 supply from a wide range of equipment manufacturers and will always propose the 'best-for-you' option for the entire range of equipment including:

Laundry 365 have experience in diverse business sectors of identifying the right equipment to meet the requirements of any situation.  So even if it is a like-for-like exchange, upgrade or a major new build, Laundry 365 will be able to recommend 'best-for-you' equipment and service options.

Laundry 365 are committed to ensuring that an investment in new equipment is a good one, and that the equipment provides and proves best value.

Laundry 365 deliver in the UK free of charge. Most equipment comes with a 2-year warranty.  Laundry 365 also offer extended warranty options for additional peace of mind.

Call now to arrange a no obligation site survey with one of our frendly experianced consultants, you'll be glad you did !

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Note: Laundry 365 aim to beat any genuine like for like quote.

Laundry365 Services

Equipment Rental No Hidden Costs...

  • brand new equipment supplied
  • no capital outlay
  • fixed low cost monthly payments
  • upgrade without penalty
  • priority service 365 days a year
  • no repair bills ever...

Affordable Ozone Technology...

  • eradicate the threat of cross contamination
  • proven against MRSA, e-Coli, Norovirus etc.
  • disinfect at temperature below 30 degrees celsius
  • remove odours including urine, faeces etc.
  • dramatically reduce operating costs
  • the ultimate in affordable Ozone technology

Contact Laundry 365 for more information...

Blue Detergent & Auto Dosing...

  • easy as 1 - 2 - 3
  • reduce costs (up to 60%)
  • quality detergents, destainers, conditioners...
  • avoid overdosing
  • eliminate manual dosing
  • kinder to the environment

CFPP 01-04...

DOH - CFPP 01-04

The Department of Health introduced, CFPP 01-04, to replace the previous HSG (95) 18 regulations.

WRAS Approved...

Washing machines are WRAS approved (unless otherwise stated)

Working through approved suppliers Laundry 365 - iZoneO3 introduced the concept of Ozone Disinfection as the next step in Laundry Operation evolution.

Laundry processes are now efficient and infection-free, equipment is clean between washes and significant cost savings are being achieved.

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