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Electrolux History

In 1973 Electrolux purchased Wascator, a Swedish manufacturer of small domestic sized washing machines and adopted the name Electrolux - Wascator AB.

For the next 31 years Electrolux - Wascator grew to be the world's largest manufacturer of laundry equipment and acquired many respected brands including: Dubix de Souza, Nyborg, Peko, REX, Senking, Washex and Zanussi.

In 1981 Electrolux - Wascator launched the world's first high spin commercial washing machine. The WE series of high-spin, free-standing washing machines with a spin speed of 1000 RPM has revolutionised the way in which laundries operate today.

In early 2004 Electrolux dropped the brand name Wascator and all laundry machines would fall under one brand, Electrolux.  Laundry 365 provide comprehensive service and repair for the entire range of Electrolux laundry equipment.

Today Electrolux are leaders in the design and manufacture of laundry machines with a strong emphasis on energy-saving and are committed to R & D. This is apparent with the Generation 5 washing machines which are equipped with the AWS - automatic weighing system. This feature weighs the laundry prior to the wash cycle, lowering water consumption and energy use. Detergent usage can also be optimised with the use of the efficient dosing system. This works in conjunction with the AWS system so that each wash cycle only uses the correct amount of detergents for each wash load. 

Electrolux laundry HQ is based in Lyngby, Sweden. Here Electrolux carry out R & D for the entire range of laundry machines. Electrolux manufacture their washing machines in Lyngby, Sweden with the exception of the W555H which is manufactured in their tumble dryer manufacturing plant in Rayong, Thailand. Ironing machines are manufactured in Troyes, France.

Electrolux has always striven to ensure its products are not only manufactured to the highest of standards but also contribute to sustainable development in order to lessen the effect on the environment, at the same time as saving on energy and water consumption.

In 2007 the Electrolux group was acknowledged for its continuous efforts to improve energy efficiency by the European Commission.

Laundry 365 supply, install, service and repair the following categories of Electrolux Equipment:

Finding the right Electrolux commercial or industrial laundry equipment is not a simple matter, with so much choice and so many options it can be confusing. Laundry365 can help to avoid committing to laundry equipment that may not be entirely suitable for specific needs. 

Laundry365 will always offer 'best-for-you' options; whether renting, or purchasing commercial & industrial laundry equipment, contact Laundry 365 for a cost-effective quote and affordable peace of mind.

Repairs - Service Contracts - Spare Parts

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Repairs - Service Contracts - Spare Parts

Ozone Disinfection For Laundries

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Ozone Disinfection For Laundries

Equipment Rental Best Price Guaranteed

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Equipment Rental Best Price Guaranteed

Equipment Rental No Hidden Costs...

  • brand new equipment supplied
  • no capital outlay
  • fixed low cost monthly payments
  • upgrade without penalty
  • priority service 365 days a year
  • no repair bills ever...

Affordable Ozone Technology...

  • eradicate the threat of cross contamination
  • proven against MRSA, e-Coli, Norovirus etc.
  • disinfect at temperature below 30 degrees celsius
  • remove odours including urine, faeces etc.
  • dramatically reduce operating costs
  • the ultimate in affordable Ozone technology

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Blue Detergent & Auto Dosing...

  • easy as 1 - 2 - 3
  • reduce costs (up to 60%)
  • quality detergents, destainers, conditioners...
  • avoid overdosing
  • eliminate manual dosing
  • kinder to the environment