With any investment in brand new commercial or industrial laundry equipment it makes good sense to maximise that potential by ensuring that the installation is top quality.

For the most efficient laundry operation it is important that any commercial or industrial laundry equipment benefits from a proper installation, effected by competent and qualified laundry engineers. 

With a top quality installation, new commercial or industrial laundry equipment is able to operate effectively, reliably and safely. 

Laundry 365 has over 40 years of accumulated experience in the installation of laundry equipment, including:

Laundry 365 can be called out to objectively assess and report upon existing installations and make suitable recommendations for improvements (where necessary). Laundry365 will always propose the best-for-you installation options, often based on the outcome of a free site survey, and agreed before work commences.

Laundry 365 has a retained staff of qualified and competent laundry engineers who will be able to analyse specific requirements and make recommendations for the best possible installation options. 

Once the scope of work for an effective installation is agreed the new commercial or industrial laundry equipment is installed to the same high quality. Laundry 365 engineers are Gas Safe registered and also BS7671 17th Edition qualified for all electrical installation and testing work. 

Laundry 365 are also members of the CSCS scheme and are vastly experienced when working on new build projects.

Commercial and industrial laundry equipment, disinfection systems, and ware washers supplied on a complete care rental agreement are installed as part of the agreement (with nothing more to pay). 

Laundry 365 can deliver top-quality installations for a wide range of makes and models of commercial & industrial laundry, equipment, infection control system and ware washing equipment including the following:

Note: Laundry 365 has an extensive knowledge of commercial and industrial laundry equipment (past and present) and will install equipment to recommended specifications. It doesn’t matter that equipment may have been acquired from elsewhere (which may be new or used/refurbished). Laundry 365 can install customer-supplied equipment (and may also be able to arrange transportation if required).

Equipment Rental No Hidden Costs...

  • brand new equipment supplied
  • no capital outlay
  • fixed low cost monthly payments
  • upgrade without penalty
  • priority service 365 days a year
  • no repair bills ever...

Blue Detergent & Auto Dosing...

  • easy as 1 - 2 - 3
  • reduce costs (up to 60%)
  • quality detergents, destainers, conditioners...
  • avoid overdosing
  • eliminate manual dosing
  • kinder to the environment

Affordable Ozone Technology...

  • eradicate the threat of cross contamination
  • proven against MRSA, e-Coli, Norovirus etc.
  • disinfect at temperature below 30 degrees celsius
  • remove odours including urine, faeces etc.
  • dramatically reduce operating costs
  • the ultimate in affordable Ozone technology

Contact Laundry 365 for more information...

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