Gas SAFE Certificates For Tumble Dryers & Ironers

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When it comes to gas heated equipment you can never be too careful. Here at Laundry365 we understand how important it is to have your business compliant with equipment working safely and efficiently.

Legal Requirement

Under regulation 35 of the gas safety (installation and use) regulations 1998 it states:

This regulation requires an employer or self-employed person to ensure that any gas appliance, flue or installation pipework installed at a place of work they control is maintained in a safe condition.

Is Your Machine Installed Correctly?

All commercial and industrial gas heated laundry machines must be installed to the manufacturers installations instructions and in accordance with British Standard BS8446:2005 Below is a quick 12 point checklist of the installation requirements for all gas fired non domestic laundry appliances:

  • Flexible gas hose of the correct size for the delivery of gas must be fitted. Hose types acceptable are BS669-2:1997 or BS EN ISO 10380:2003
  • Restraining wire fitted and securely fixed.
  • Gas test point fitted to the appliance.
  • Appliance gas isolation valve fitted and does it fall to the off position.
  • If multiple machines are installed is there an emergency gas isolation valve present which falls to the off position or red EMERGENCY STOP button. Either need to be visable and accesible.
  • Emergency isolation valve or EMERGENCY STOP button identified.
  • Gas pipework securely fixed and identified for Natural Gas or LPG (If pipework is painted it must be in Yellow Ochre (BS4800 colour reference: 08 C 35)
  • Free air make up (air vents) are they of the correct size for the machines.
  • Is the exhaust ducting the correct size and length for the machines.
  • If flexible exhaust ducting is used its length can not be longer than 2-meters (6ft) and must not change direction. It must also be capable of withstanding a minimum temperature of 80-degrees C for tumble dryers and 110-degrees C for ironing machines. 
  • Is the exhaust ducting correctly terminated with a downward facing 45 or 90 degree elbow or Chinamans hat. Wire mesh is not allowed to cover the outlet of exhaust ducting.
  • Removable access panels installed in the exhaust ducting to allow for inspection and cleaning.

The Solution

Here at Laundry365 we go the extra mile to keep your business compliant and safe. For a fixed fee* one of our Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out a comprehensive 10 point inspection which includes the following:

  • Inspect, clean or replace any lint screens and filters
  • Inspect the extract fan and clean if required and check for correct operation
  • Inspect the gas burner clean if required and check gas flame picture
  • Inspect the temperature sensors, safety thermostats, clean if required and check for correct operation
  • Inspect ignition devices and check flame failure devices
  • Inspect and check fresh air make up
  • Inspect and check exhaust ducting and termination carry out a back pressure check
  • Inspect gas pipework and emergency controls
  • Carry out a gas tightness test
  • Carry out a working pressure test

Once we are satisfied with all of the above a gas certificate will be issued at the time of the visit. 

*Fixed fee does not include any parts or materials that may be required

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