Auto-dosing is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to help achieve the best possible wash quality with minimal fuss.

Laundry 365’s reliable and accurate auto dosing systems are programmed to automatically dispense liquid chemicals into the wash at exactly the right time in the wash cycle.

Laundry 365 supply an extensive range of Blue detergents, softeners and destainers and each auto dosing system is tailored for specific situations, removing the need to adjust the detergents dosed for each wash. This not only simplifies the wash process but also helps prevent damage to fabrics through excessive or incorrect dosing.

Auto-dosing benefits include;

  • Eliminate detergent waste, over-use and theft
  • Increase operator productivity
  • Remove the need for manual handling of laundry chemicals
  • Avoid the potential for chemical spills, making for a cleaner, safer working environment

Laundry 365 auto dosing systems are available to fit to most commercial and industrial washing machines and can be retro-fitted to the majority of existing commercial and industrial washing machines, It is now possible to take advantage of the benefits of auto dosing, even if existing laundry equipment is not yet due for renewal.  

Note: Laundry 365 auto dosing systems are calibrated for optimal use of Blue Detergents with a validated %concentration of active agents. 

Substantial cost savings can be made when using Laundry 365-recommended Blue Detergents (some organisations report up to 60% cost reductions when compared to boxed powders at High Street Prices). 

Laundry 365 can offer effective auto dosing systems for use with commercial & industrial laundry equipment from most good manufacturers including:

Laundry365 - Keen to Be GreenNote: Couple the use of auto dosing systems with the Reprogramming of commercial or industrial washing machine and begin to make a difference, reducing carbon footprint, significantly.

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