Laundry 365 can provide independent verification of achieved temperatures for most modern makes of washing machine and also programme commercial and industrial laundry equipment to provide a more energy-efficient laundry operation.

Temperature Validation

Most leading brands of commercial laundry equipment include in-built sensors that are used to control temperature.  Over time the sensor accuracy can degrade or the sensor may fail.  Laundry 365 can provide independent temperature verification, in general accordance with the recommendations of CFPP 01-04 to ensure that equipment continues to operate at optimum efficiency.  Ensuring that wash cycles have achieved and sustained the correct temperature can help to ensure that thermal disinfection is effective. The relatively simple process includes:

  • introduce a small sensor into the wash cycle
  • connect to laptop, tablet or desktop PC (may even be networked)
  • complete the wash cycle
  • view and save the resultant validation information
  • the saved records can be archived to record that the correct temperatures have been achieved and sustained

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