Duct Cleaning For Tumble Dryers And Ironers

Clean ducting save's money on utility costs and dramatically reduces risk of fire.

Tumble dryers and flatwork drying ironers move vast quantities of air through the ducting (fluepipe) the more air a machine moves the more efficient it is. From day one your tumble dryer and ironing machine will emit very small particles of lint and dust which have passed through the lint screens and filters. This lint and dust will stick to the sides of the ducting and gradually build up causing a narrowing of the duct. As the duct narrows the machine can not move the vast quantity of air it needs to be efficient causing the machine to take longer to dry which costs more money to operate due to the increased useage of utilities, loss of productivity and increses your carbon footprint. In some cases this will also cause the machine to constantly breakdown due to overheating issues. Not only does restricted ducting cost you more money it also poses a significant FIRE HAZARD.

Gas Heated Equipment

If your machine is heated by natural gas or LPG it is essential that the ducting and appliance is inspected annually. The ducting on gas heated machines not only removes hot moist air but also the products of gas combustion. If the ducting is resticted or incorrectly designed the gas may not be able to fully combust which will generate carbon monoxide which could possibly spill back into the laundry room.   

Legal Requirement

Under regulation 35 of the gas safety (installation and use) regulations 1998 it states:

This regulation requires an employer or self-employed person to ensure that any gas appliance, flue or installation pipework installed at a place of work they control is maintained in a safe condition.

The Solution

For a fixed fee Laundry365 technicians will clean the entire ducting run using specially designed brushes and high powered vacuum machines to remove the lint and dust. Once the ducting is in an as new condition our technician will carry out a backdraft check to ensure that the ducting is working efficiently and within the scope of the laundry equipment manufacturers designed specification. Once satisfied you will then be issued a certificate or advised if further works or improvements are required.

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